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Global Integrity Group

Building integrity, fighting corruption around the world

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Who We Are

The Global Integrity Group is a network of high-level, experienced professionals with a proven track record in addressing corruption at organizational, sectoral and national levels.
Why Experience Is Important
In the past decade anti-corruption and pro-integrity efforts have experienced extraordinary growth around the world -- driven by internal need for better governance and by external pressure from international doors.  The growing demand led to an increasing number of individuals who identify themselves as "experts" but have no real experience in the field.  Donors and project managers have found it increasingly difficult to select experts with the experience and background to meet their expectations.


Elaine Byrne, Ireland;
Stuart Gilman, U.S.;
Drago Kos, Slovenia;
Costa Paliacarsky, Bulgaria;
Howard Whitton, Australia;

For telephone inquires about the group, please use the following number:  +1.703.335.5267